Stars & Unicorns

Holy Cupcakes Batman! It is Laura's Birthday. That's right Robin-time to celebrate. Well actually hold that thought until Thursday night when it is all 80's SF style. To make up for the lack of drunken debauchery today, I treated myself to a gynormous coffee and chocolate muffin. Time for the weekend recap. Friday was such a little trip of nostalgia. Hanging out at the beach condo with KT, eating a bunch, drinking a bunch and watching a bunch of Sex in the City. Total chill fun. Saturday night was a bit spicier. Carol and i met up with some of her work friends for a lil engagment celebration complete with cheezy jazz and an ebay convention at Gordan Biersch (congrats to Arturo and Jenny). Always fun to see people in love-smug bastards. and then we bopped over the Janessa's drunken gathering at the Brit-I love how she never swears until she is sloshed-once, twice three times a lady!I got to see my Bunion Baby unfortunately she was in such a disenchanted mood. Even alcohol couldn't revive her! Weee Snaw. What could be said of Sunday. Went to mexican with my mom which turned into seafood instead since the universe was working against us that day. I love shopping for my own bday presents now-satisfaction guaranteed! Carol got us some rad glasses at the kiosk- i think mine are gucci inspired. I wouldn't want to get anything real to clash with my fake Prada. Time for a beauty product side note. I got the latest curling, anti-frizz spray available at Longs. Some green Charles Worthington gunk. It seems to have done what it is supposed to do but I am confused by the need for it to smell like my brother's deodorant (totally speed stick or right guard odor to it). I need less Charles in my Charles Worthington product thank you very much. The link for the day: http://youcantmakeitup.blogspot.com/2005/06/cruise-uncontrollable.html


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