Who wants a recap of my weekend? Who does? You do?!!? Well okay then. Thurs was crap Fri was crap Sat was luke warm and Sun was crap. Okay i am lying a little bit here. Saturday was pretty cool actually. Carol and I went and saw March of the Penguins. Cute but seriously penguins are not that interesting after the first half hour. I also went out with jennifer which was awesome. It didnt help that i had a few beers at a gathering with jimmy so when i went to put on my make-up i looked way more fucked up than normal. Which seemed to be the theme of the evening especially when i gathered up all my nerve and went into to Toons. I wish marlon had warned us about the displays of tight and contrived flesh in the back room. Some rigged bikini contest was going on. What a car wreck! Hard to be jealous of such perfect bodies when they come with such barf faces. HAHAHAHA i said barf i think i still have junior high regression syndrome from "hanging out at the mall" with kt on sunday. So funny how old we are and we still flock to the malls to see and be seen. We had such a good time playing at Sephora. I do love no-money fun somedays. I have a crush on some Cargo eyeshadows now. Carol and i shanghied our mom for dinner sunday too. I love how she "didnt cook" but we ended up with yummy home-made sauce and angel hair pasta. She is crazy great like that.


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ooh who still works at toons?

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