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Since i have the new job and all, people have been asking me what i do. So today i decided to keep a running summary of my activites while at work. The day started a little on the unusual with both of my early morning co-workers not anywhere to be found. Didnt find out until forty-five minutes later that they had both called in sick. Not that this affected my work load in any way. So far i have had 5 emails come into my work in box-none of which i have had to respnd to in any way. i have made one trip to the bathroom, drank one mug of coffee, heated my breakfast burrito and eaten it,checked my personal emails, hit up all the news links on yahoo, msn and google, looked at this site sent to me from jennifer and written carol and kt a dozen emails. oh wait and through out it all i have been hard at work on this. In the remaining 6.5 hours of work, i hope to accomplish the following: see if i can post my blog on craigslist for free, install adsense (unlikely but gotta aim high for success right?) and eat my kiwi i brought from home.
Update: i have now made lunch plans with my mom. Super happy since we are going to Mondo burrito. best nachos in the world.
Update: 11:54 search a word now complete. I have also been rendered partly deaf from speaker phone conversation with tech support guy. He was calling about fixing access to a site that i all ready had access to. well worth my auditory suffering.
Pre-lunch update: i actually had to do some work-cannot believe they interrupted my conversation with jennifer for this shit. i had to make 2 trips to the printer. and send out emails to new contract people. i am seriously overtaxed at the moment and may need a nap to recover. Oh and i got some tea and stared down the short men who were in the break room ogling me.
It is now time for the 3:00 news. Nachos are sitting pretty in my tummy. I couldnt glow in their glory for too long seeing as i actually had emails stacked up, waiting for me to group contracts almost took me a whole hour. the nerve of them -totally interfering in my LIFE. now i can really dedicate myself to planning john hughes night at Kat's on Friday


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