$3 Special

eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. I <3 my greasy cafeteria. Nothing makes it worth wild to get up and go to work each day like the prospect of getting a hot styrofoam container of greasy food to smother in kethcup and then chow down at my computer while i gossip online all morning with my friends. Like memories of a sweet sweet love, the smell will linger in my office for the rest of the day since my trash can only gets emptied every other day.
In really great news, Congratulations to Robin on her new job!!!! Good things come when you use the black pleather folder to cart around resumes to interviews. It has such good luck mojo at this point.
I got my hair done by Janessa yesterday. She told me that her salon is going to be renamed M.E.O.W. How cute is that?!?!? So if you duck-tail is hurtin your action with the ladies or your cowlicks are in need of some attention, Dude totally Give her a call to fix you up RIGHT!
Even though it isn't even October, Halloween excitement is here. It is all Jennifer's fault since she has started inviting people to her place for a costume ball. I all ready have a bad ass idea of what i want to be this year. Think boots, eye patch, parrot and swashbuckling attitude! That's right i plan on being a fearsome and notorious pirate this year. So excited about the prospect of saying Arrrrgh! and wielding a sword all night long. Not to mention a prime oppertunity to pillage for treasure this will make.


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