Purple Nightmare

Oh god ohhh christ. I sooo messed up this search bar thing. Don't use it! Stay away. Avoid the temptation of the pretty black bar. Still under construction. The search page is a mess of purple hues. I had no idea what i was doing, what it ment when i picked certain things. I had noo clue where it was going. Just pretend it isn't there for now. I will try and make it not soo horrendous to look at by the end of the week. I swears! I was just soo tired from the numerous times it took to paste the ad code in the right area to get it to look someway decent. Please for the love of God, well for the love of me getting an ipod nano, click on them.
I would give a weekend summary right about now but it was kinda boring. who wants to hear about the hot dusty time at the Santa Clara Crap and Wine festival?? or the fun of moving around furniture to put the cleaned carpet back down in the tv room? or that Janelle and I are the most awesome Pictionary winners of all time? Or that i had original flavor Puffins cereal this morning? Yeah you see not much happened this weekend.


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