Blood on the Runway

"yeah for a minute I wanted to cut her"
Nick didn't take to Zulema's power move of a model walk-off and the Highjacking of his "muse". Hilarious hearing his new model described as a "tall marshmellow" by Tim Gunn. This is the only element of the new season that i really don't like-the designers sticking with the same model. Maybe they had too many issues last season trying to get decent soundbites out of runway models-because this was the first episode that they actually contributed comments.
I think a couple of souls were swapped last episode the usually critical and unimpressed Michael Kors gave a inspirations presentation to the designers & then the diplomatic and supportive Tim Gunn crushed their spirits and souls with a blunt statement to each designer.Last season's winner Jay was on the show. I was quite disappointed with him. He seems to have lost a lot of the charm and confidence he had before. He made a lot of snide comments that were below him. I guess Nina was tired and someone had to step upto the snarky plate. Since there are only 7 designers left, I saw no reason to not feature all the designs from last night's episode. I put them in order of worst to best (in my opinion anyway)

Zulema really earned the OUT last night. Nina pegged it with pointing out her consistent tendancy to present technically unfinished pieces. Good riddance to her justifications and bad accessory choices!

I spotted Austin Scarlet's fabric from last season a mile away. Dead in the water the second they flashed to what Austin created last season-a hundred times better than whatever it was Santino was trying to achieve here. I am really starting to miss the possessed Santino comebacks to the judges interagations. bring back the DRAMA!!

Sadly this is actually one of the best pieces Kara has done. But once a bridesmaid, never a bride. Time for the only non-winner to pack her bags (hopefully next episode) she just isn't a contender at this point.

There was a definite display of talent and skill in this dress by Chloe, but I just dont like it.

Nick was such a disappointment with this challenge. Another fishtail skirt. ho-hum. The top was quite interesting but the style abruptly ended at the waist. Spend less time on a mini-meltdown and more time on a new style and maybe Nick can win another challenge.

I totally understand why Daniel won this challenge. His outfit really matched the inspiration pic he chose. But the top is just way to couture for me.

Out of everything, I took to Andre's the most. I have a feeling if this wasn't the same color palette as the ice-skating costume he designed last time it would have gone over better with the judges. And a quick check of the online auction of this piece has a leading bid of $510 over Daniels $225.


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