Project Runway ON ICE

What an awkward challenge. This was such a horrible idea-designing ice skating costumes. WHO GIVES A SHIT???!!?!?!?! other than Tim Gunn showing us how real people skate- stiff as a board, this episode was a disappointment from beginning to end. Santino soo deserved to get kicked off. It is way obvious he is being kept on by the producer for the "good tv" aspect. No shock that Emmett got the axe though. He needs to go back to mens tailoring which i am sure he is wonderful at. This show really can't cater to mens designers. Although during the show, his costume was the only one that immediately struck me as a actual ice skating outfit. But kudos to the judges for pretending that they are "experts" in this underapprecated spangly medium. Things are starting to get stale on this show. Here is the run down of last night's episode once again Chloe made something turquoise, Kara was a mess, Andre threw a hissy-fit, Daniel V had nothing to add to the conversation, Santino described his outfit best by saying it looks like a baboon's ass exploded on it, Zulema obviosuly doesnt shop with/have friends or she would have been talked out of that horrible eye shadow purchase at MAC and Nick gushed like schoolgirl over the "client". One major shock was the lack of Santino explosion when the judges questioned his outfit. Maybe he remembered to take his ridalin that morning.

Zulema winning virgin mermaid Vegas style

does anyone else think this looks like a flamingo and a turkey got in a fight???

I think Chloe's had the best orginality and execution. And just enough sequins for the job.
Next week prediction-Kara or Andre


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