sweet weekend

What an awesome three day weekend it was! Friday i hit the mall with my sister after work-we had such grand plans of finding some end of season deals on boots only to be horribly disappointed by the sad selection. Jennifer hosted me for dinner. Was quite fun pasta fest. My tolerance for alcohol was absolutely demolished by my recent flu episode. One glass of white wine and i was on the floor with the Sandman. Saturday i was absolutely lazy until 2 in the afternoon when the universe kicked my butt in action and i had to run to my mom's house crawl out onto her roof to clean out all this debris that was blocking the gutters and causing rain to seep into the house. I got crazy filthy but was delighted in my flexibilty to crawl out a window in a stairwall and not tumble off the roof. I rushed around and dyed my hairs and got all cute to ren de vous in Palo Alto for dinner. The Sake bombs everyone was anticipating at Miyakes never came. The wait got to be way way way too ridiculous. Luckily everyone was in a party mood and a trip to the Slicery was just as fun. Love hanging out with Carol and her friends (such a chill group). Thankfully the SUN made it out this weekend. I strolled the Santana Row with my mum on Sunday. I got the sweetest deal at Anthropolgie cute cute green shirt that drapes to reveal some lace and this purple half top all for only $30. Am sporting the purple top today and am looking JUST FABULOUS. Reggie and i got to hang out the rest of Sunday. Ended up driving her to the city where we had dinner at some middle easteren place in the city. Food is always better when there are belly dancers. it is just a fact. I made a return trip to the city with carol yesterday for more shopping. We only made it to Forever 21 and H & M but for $40 i got a blue tank top, brown halter, 2 sets of earrings and two packs of hairclips. Fashion doesnt need to be expansive to be done right. Tonight Jennifer and I are trying out new class at the gym Pilates. am anticipating the death of my abs-hope it doesnt hurt to sit up tomorrow. Afterwards i am meeting up with KT for a new Gilmore girls episode. Wonder if rory or lane will be the first to get back with the guy they just broke up with.


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