Run Screaming

Take a deep breath and hold it while i tell you this. try not to scream aloud. these are Manolo's. No lie Manolo Blahniks. Take another breath. HOLD IT. These are $1,679.99. Passed out yet? Can you handle anymore??? Chant your Mantra for a minute. ok one more breath. that was just the blue fly sale price. The orginal retail cost was $3,000. Still with me??? Last blow i promise. This pattern is also available in knee-high boots.
Something tells me even Manolo addict Carrie Bradshaw would have passed up on these puppies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can never put a price on fashion.

12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But they are *Manolo's* !!!!!!! Price doesn't matter when it's a Manolo Shoe!!!!

12:01 PM  

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