Speed of lightning

Time to shake off the holiday laze-way easier said than done. So glad the toughest thing i had to do today was get out of bed since that really wrecked me for the rest of the day. It is still raining like a mother and i realized i would deal with it al lot better if it wasn't for the 2 seconds that you get drenched when you step out of the car and before the umbrella has unfurled itself and if the bottom two inches of my jeans would dry out before i had to go back out in storm.
While i dont really bother with new years resolutions -i have decided to attempt a new tred mill speed record of 9:30 min mile today -my version of taking that extra step to attaining the hot bod i need to rule the world. and i figured it was an excellant way to break in my new track pants that i got at target.


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Sorry I missed your call, feel free to call back again!

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