Sleeping Beauty

After a day of sleep and orange juice, I was able to crawl into work today. This Flu just kicked my ass yesterday. I may be beaten but i am not dead (only feels that way). At least being sick means no guilt about skipping the gym for the next couple of days and since i am not really eating that balances out nicely. I have now run out of tissues brb while i go steal some from a coworkers office. Ahhh corporate thievery -never gets old!
Ohh Speaking of Orange Juice i forgot to put this LINK up last time. Makes up for all those years of lousy stick figures.
There is finally a new LOST on tonight which will lead nicely into another episode of Project Runway. (from the preview everyone is being paired up and 2 people are being kicked off tongiht gasp!)
So i have been going shoe shopping like a fiend lately. Picked up a pair of cute slingbacks at Banana Republic for a steal (would have gladly plastered a pic of them but my janky ass system doesnt use internet explorer so i no longer can access banana's website.) I am still eagerly waiting for the arrival of my Kenneth Cole ones that i bought at bluefly. Am not sure how much being on the bluefly mailing list is going to come back to bite me in the ass. Despite my addiction to footwear and deep love of flipflops, I have found something that i will DEFINITELY never EVER purchase.


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