Am I worth it?

Just who do i think i am spending over $100 on a pair of jeans??? What the hell for man??? I had just reached my fuck-it all point with trying on jeans when i went into the Lucky store. But irregardless they are going back-fit or not i just dont love them and that is what my wardrobe is based on. LOVE!!! besides i totally got into my gap jeans that have previously been way to tight to sit at a computer and still breath properly in. All those damn yoga classes and ten min tred mill miles are finally paying off. However i think the Jack-in-the-box large curly fry was not the optimal way to celebrate this.
Spent most of this weekend in an exhausted state. Went out to some Tiki-esque bar in san jose (have all ready forgotten the name) with Jennifer, janessa and Jerry. Isnt that a sign of being old-when you think the music in the bar is too loud because i am OLD now. An extra special bonus for this week-i have to check each day to see if i am going to be pulled in for jury duty-but since i totally forgot to send in the paper saying i was available i may not go even if my number comes up. How is that for civic duty!


Blogger Regina said...

your blog is getting damn popular - you're at 435 views - what's your secret man?

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