Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

I was all excited about pursuing a theme for today. After finding THIS little gem of a site I was down to hunt for more squirrel entertainment. I was on a roll too since i also found THIS (i would just like to point out how both of these sites are from the UK -coincidence i dont think so) And the best that the americans -who bitch about and run over squirrels ALL THE TIME -could come up with is THIS.
My tolerence for missing links and *gasp* educational sites quickly evaporated so enjoy the small squirrel bounty i present to you today.
STOP THE PRESSES! there is a last minute enrty for squirrel day. thank god for this crazy woman of florida for taking the time to abuse a homeless squirrel in THIS manner.
Since i feel i should get some recognition for my efforts-Text Twist score of 301,820 today. I am equally pleased and embarrassed by this.


Blogger jennifer said...

Well those were damn hilarious. But I regret to inform you that the first two links are the exact same thing. So fix the second one, please. That is all.

5:45 PM  

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