Monday maintenance

Much like an aging dame, when a blog hits a certain mark it is time to do some updates and some nips and a couple of tucks. I think i am going to take down the comment link since no one every leaves any. In its place i have tacked up a email address for the 3 people reading this that dont actually have my real one. Dont want you to feel you cant send you questions concerns constructive critisism somewhere. well that you can send all that crap straight to hell cuz i dont care. But for all praise, accolades, drinking toasts and photos of you in purple sweaters knitted by your grandmother please send those to notenoughpurple@gmail.com. I am also going to TRY and put all the links from the 100 links onto this site and shut down the other page. cant carry such weight around on these old blog's arthritic knees anymore. ;)


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