If i was a cat this is what my fat and sassy self would look like doing yoga. scarily accurate representation really. Am feeling especially lardy since i had nachos de mondo burrito. Am burping up the deliciousness as i type even. (100% pure lady that is what i am!)
This weekend was prety damn great. did some drinking, some shopping, some napping, some frisbee-ing, some eating, some reading, some hanging out with jimmy and carol, some gymming, some dancing, some cleaning, some driving, some thinking, some drawing, and absolutely no olympic watching. Couldnt ask for much more than that.

Got a new pair of sneaks. am pretty stocked about THEM.
I had a great experience at Nordstrom -the saleswoman kept asking me if i needed a bigger size (3 times) even when i had them on my feet. which they fit. just fine. thank you very much.

Check out THIS blog. A much much better fashion site than i could ever hope to be.

If you have been anywhere near a radio lately i am sure you have heard about the guy who kidnapped his wife and had this ridiculous wife contract. HERE it is on the smoking gun. Soooo messed up!



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