Easy Bein Green

too cute not to share. And maybe this will convince oskar to take a pic of her adorable kermie to share as well. For more Kermit travels for HERE.
Was a pretty great weekend, the weather was amazing. (neener neener neener to all those caught in the east coast snow blizzards) . Had a fun good bye party for Arrested Development at Jennifers on Friday. SO very bittersweet but some of the best beef tips i have ever had! Saturday i did laundry and went salsa dancing with Carol and Enrique (at Roccapulco) was a lot of fun. especially the part where i told most of the guys i danced with that i live in Nevada. No harm No foul. ;)
I spent most of my work day doing my homework for class on Weds so didnt have to time to cultivate a nice list of internet fun and crap for y'all. 'sides its monday.


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