Try and keep up

Lots to cover so forgive the lack of a clear and concise thesis statement in today's post. Hope the color coding helps.

Isn't Ziyi Zhang just a tall drink of water??? couldnt resist this pic of her at the SAG awards. Other than me loving her dress there is no reason for this since i have not seen Memoirs of a Geisha nor have any intention of doing so.

I have my second interior design class starting tonight. Hope i can get away with doing any homework while i am at my day job. dont want to be spoiling my wild nights of TP-ing houses, illegal street racing and egging cop cars with studying.

I was trying to get interested in ANYTHING from fashion week but that just wasn't happening.

Tonight is a new LOST and *** PROJECT RUNWAY****. THe challenge: design an outfit for one of the other designers. Not just any outfit but a MAKEOVER!!!

I think i am an autumn stuck in the body of a spring.

so hope Nick gets put in a prom dress with tiara and chloe in head to toe red pleather.
Found THIS site the other day and was just blown away by the number of screen pics from the show. Not to mention the other great trash talk content.

Totally willing to KILL for this light. The coolest thing since Danny Zucco.

YOU: How is the drawing going, Laura?
ME: pretty damn great. thanks for asking!

Hope you all have noticed the email for not enought purple on the right. and will take advantage of it like a drunk sorority girl on roofies.


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